Transformer stations

More and more areas are being converted to electrical supply. Be it the operation of heat pumps or the operation of a wind turbine or a CHP unit. Energy is needed everywhere and at all times. We provide part of this necessity. We offer compact transformer stations of all sizes. Be it in a non-accessible design up to 2,000 kVA or from 2,500 kVA in an accessible design. The size range is open at the top and is adapted to your specifications. The applications can be arbitrary. Be it the connection of a PV system or the operation of a wind turbine or simply for the construction of a new production hall. In cooperation with the local energy supplier, we offer a suitably equipped transformer station. On request, we can also provide additional services such as excavation of the transformer pit, erection of earthing scaffolding or the necessary protection testing. With our transformer stations, we have the unbeatable advantage that the delivery time is significantly shorter than the standard market times of 60 weeks or more. For steel stations, we are currently at approx. 22 weeks, for concrete stations it is approx. 20 weeks. In the case of a PV system, fast delivery means a faster connection for you. And therefore faster sales that could not otherwise be generated. Even if several transformer stations are required, such as for a solar park, we supply the individual stations together with a transfer station. Everything is agreed in advance with the energy supplier and you, so that the connection can be made shortly after delivery and the electricity flows.